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Highest paid jobs are depend on many factors such as education, skills and experience. There are many jobs or profession in india which gives you a good high salary.

Some people in india are satisfy with their salary according to their profession and situation but some wants a job with good salary package.

Many people think that only CEO and director of MNCs and big companies get high salary but there are some jobs which gives u good salary package which are medical professions (Doctor& Surgeon) , Data Scientist , Full stack developer , Business Management, Actors, Chartered accountant etc.

Sometime persons with great skills and experience can get highest paid jobs as compared to other highly qualified one..

  1. MBA students can get a huge salary package as fresher . They can earn 20 to 30 lakh yearly as freshers if you are MBA graduate from top B schools in India such as IIM , IIT etc.
  2. Doctors are the most reputed and highly paid job . You should have MBBS degree. But everyone is not able to qualify for MBBS . It is one of the toughest exam and very high competition in this field. But if you are MBBS doctor you can earn 1 to 2 lakh a month . They can also get high salary if dealing with professional clients.
  3. If you are a commerce student then Chartered Accountant or CA is one of the highest salary paid jobs in India. You have to qualify for exams, you should have great mathematics and accounting skills. You can earn 5 lac to 7 lac per month as CA. Also You have to pass the exam conducted by ICAI ( Institute of Chartered Accoutants of India) with 80+ percent.
  4. Indian Civil services are dream job for every students. Also there are very high competition this field. A lot no of students compete with each other to qualify the exams . You should graduated from any stream and have to pass exams like IAS, UPSC etc. They can earn 70 to 80 thousand in a month in starting and also get another government benefits. It is one of the most reputed job in India.
  5. Data scientists is one of the highest paying and high demanding jobs in India. Many companies wants data scientist for their data driven business consultants. Companies are investing highly into Big data because big data is important for consumer centric solutions and to enhance product / service performance . The entry level salary of Data scientist is 5 to 7 lac per annually, mid level salary is 12 to 15 lakh per annually and senior level 21 to 25 lakh per annum. You should have bachelor degree in Computer Science, Data science certification and skills like Data visualization, Analytical skills and Machine learning.

So these are the top 5 highest paid jobs in India if you want to start your career with good salary package.

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